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US-2012261216-A1: Stairlift with folding track patent, US-2012304869-A1: Hot Beverage Maker and Dispenser patent, US-2012307229-A1: Resonant modulation for low power range imaging cameras patent, US-2012326655-A1: Charging apparatus for electric storage device, vehicle equipped with the charging apparatus, and method of controlling the charging apparatus patent, US-2012331179-A1: Network-to-network bridge patent, US-2013002642-A1: Display device with power source supply scan circuits and driving method thereof patent, US-2013008527-A1: Keg tapping system patent, US-2013049811-A1: High efficiency driving circuit patent, US-2013071000-A1: Radiographic-image processing device patent, US-2013099439-A1: Device for disbursing value notes comprising a stationary support element patent, US-2013105464-A1: Electric heating apparatus patent, US-2013107271-A1: System and method for reducing errors in a resonator fiber optic gyroscope patent, US-2013109443-A1: Hybrid battery system for portable electronic devices patent, US-2013142115-A1: Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in communication system patent, US-2013147268-A1: External main switch for a hybrid or electric vehicle patent, US-2013174137-A1: Mobile terminal and control method thereof patent, US-2013181688-A1: System and method for variable speed generation of controlled high-voltage dc power patent, US-2013185013-A1: Method and device for ascertaining a state of a sensor patent, US-2013188785-A1: Service control point funtionality implemented at communication endpoints patent, US-2013200849-A1: System for managing a series combination of electrical energy generation or storage elements, based on a plurality of voltage inverter legs patent, US-2013208663-A1: Bandwidth allocation for multimedia conferencing patent, US-2013210788-A1: Method for post coital contraception in overweight or obese female subjects using ulipristal acetate patent, US-2013228086-A1: Clean Flexographic Printing Plate and Method of Making the Same patent, US-2013230647-A1: Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2013234895-A1: Multi-band broadband anntenna with mal-position feed structure patent, US-2013278034-A1: Space adjustment mechanism for a chair patent, US-2013280041-A1: Oil pump patent, US-2013283221-A1: Method for input/output design of chip patent, US-2013305476-A1: Wiper blade adaptor device patent, US-2013314310-A1: Display apparatus and operation method thereof patent, US-2013314392-A1: Display device and driving method thereof patent, US-2014003603-A1: Data processing device, data processing method, and program patent, US-2014014056-A1: Intake manifold patent, US-2014021314-A1: Accessory support ring for an outdoor cooking vessel patent, US-2014029291-A1: Lighting device patent, US-2014038360-A1: Apparatus and Methods for Molding Die on Wafer Interposers patent, US-2014039856-A1: Computer-readable storage medium comprising instructions for a process model, and method of use patent, US-2014083819-A1: Apparatus for conveying and plant for surface-treating articles patent, US-2014088732-A1: Methods and systems for configuration and management of electronic control unit patent, US-2014090007-A1: Broadcast receiving apparatus, playback apparatus, broadcast communication system, broadcast receiving method, playback method and program patent, US-2014094311-A1: Game system, control method for game system, game control device, control method for game control device, and information storage medium patent, US-2014103143-A1: Paint Cup for Spray Gun patent, US-2014106887-A1: Sytem and method for television-based services patent, US-2014108138-A1: Method and system for dynamic ad placement patent, US-2014114769-A1: Digital Memories for Advertising patent, US-2014132228-A1: Pwm controller detecting temperature and ac line via a single pin and power converter using same patent, US-2014152559-A1: Method for controlling cursor patent, US-2014163197-A1: Process for making polyether alcohols having oxyethylene units by polymerization of ethylene carbonate in the presence of double metal cyanide catalysts patent, US-2014168063-A1: Information display device, information display system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium patent, US-2014189252-A1: Dynamic cache write policy patent, US-2014200289-A1: Organic montmorillonite enhanced epoxy resin and preparation method thereof patent, US-2014207129-A1: Methods and system for image guided cell ablation with microscopic resolution patent, US-2014208487-A1: Hard hat with additional technical features patent, US-2014226623-A1: Method and apparatus for performing handover in wireless communication system patent, US-2014231202-A1: Hydraulic brake adjusting device patent, US-2014237270-A1: Power supply control apparatus, power supply control system and power supply control method patent, US-2011249545-A1: Objective Lens and Optical Pickup Apparatus patent, US-2014243744-A1: Vein Scanner patent, US-2014258569-A1: Signal processing system and associated method patent, US-2014272493-A1: Methods to prepare stable electrolytes for all iron redox flow batteries patent, US-2014282618-A1: Digital media metrics data management apparatus and method patent, US-2014326953-A1: Techniques for forming contacts to quantum well transistors patent, US-2014334024-A1: Optical reflector with increased field-of-view patent, US-2014347905-A1: Power supply circuit for gate driving circuit of a power converter patent, US-2014375584-A1: Touch-sensitive operating device for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle patent, US-2014375698-A1: Method for adjusting display unit and electronic device patent, US-2015015116-A1: Electromechanical polymer-based linear resonant actuator patent, US-2015021605-A1: Mapping density and temperature of a chip, in situ patent, US-2015030008-A1: Method and apparatus for controlling deactivation timer of cell patent, US-2015036931-A1: System and method for creating navigable views patent, US-2015041728-A1: Methods for making static dissipative coatings patent, US-2015043790-A1: Image processing apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium patent, US-2015049389-A1: Display device patent, US-2015067419-A1: Bad Block Reconfiguration in Nonvolatile Memory patent, US-2015091307-A1: Wind Power Generation System patent, US-2015104793-A1: Non-invasive fetal genetic screening by digtal analysis patent, US-2015117304-A1: Data processing method and apparatus based on automatic identification system patent, US-2015124293-A1: Printing System and Printer patent, US-2015135560-A1: Serrated plow blade for vibratory plow systems patent, US-2010213278-A1: Steam spraying nozzle patent, US-2010216756-A1: Compositions and methods for suppressing endometrial proliferation patent, US-2010224068-A1: Gas adsorption medium and gas adsoprtion pump apparatus using the same patent, US-2010259461-A1: Antenna apparatus for explosive environments patent, US-2010277343-A1: Vehicle-mounted device, output propriety judgment method, communication system and program patent, US-2010310257-A1: Systems and Methods for Transmitting Signals in Communication Networks patent, US-2010330923-A1: Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and communication control method patent, US-2011013587-A1: Inter-network handover system and method patent, US-2011021120-A1: Hand-held machine tool, in particular hand-guided grinding machine patent, US-2011036515-A1: Sunshade assembly for an automobile patent, US-2011038002-A1: Image forming device, information processing device, and print preview processing method patent, US-2011052335-A1: Tubing system patent, US-2011086927-A1: Method for producing bio-fuel that integrates heat from carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions to drive biomass gasification reactions patent, US-2011106143-A1: Medical instrument patent, US-2011116037-A1: Progressive addition lens design patent, US-2011127481-A1: Fence wire stretching device patent, US-2011163945-A1: Portable device for controlling instruction execution by means of actuators placed on a rear surface patent, US-2011184875-A1: Lead allocation in real estate applications using dynamic agent allocation weightages patent, US-2011186761-A1: Gate valve patent, US-2011199831-A1: Coarse and fine programming in a solid state memory patent, US-2011205947-A1: Communication of redundant sacch slots during discontinuous transmission mode for vamos patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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